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Tom Sady Photographer

Hello, I would like to introduce myself and my work to you. I am passionate about my photography and presenting you with photos you will love as much as I have enjoyed taking them for you. Photo journalism is truly an art, my camera is a way of expressing what I see and capturing the moment for you and for history. I am always studying and learning and creating. I strive to capture timeless universally understood emotions in a photo. This is what touches the heart of all who see it and it will speak through the ages. It is taken when you are freely feeling the emotion of the moment.

Ancients believed your soul was also captured in your reflection and I think when a photo shows the honesty of your personhood it does truly reflect your soul. I enjoy using the light to capture these moments.

One of my specialties is as an outdoor photographer doing weddings and family portraits and even pet portraits on the beach or in the mountains This is an area very different from my studio work. Mother nature is in control of overall lighting and shadows, scenery, and weather and offers many challenges. A skilled photographer has to know how to use his equipment to get the best effects for you with whatever mother nature is offering or dishing out on any particular day. It is not just a matter of owning a great camera but rather knowing how to use it under all types of conditions. Just like having a good stove does not make one a great cook; it takes study, experience, and yes even a gift. I offer you my photos to see my skills and my joy in my work.

Knowledge and flexibility with a true eye for beauty and heart in a photo shoot. A wedding in a cathedral or on the ocean , musicians jamming in concert on the red rocks, album covers, family groups, individual portraits, and functions of all kinds, I travel coast to coast to serve the people who hire me for these photographs.

My main objective in working with my clients is to make sure they are very happy with the photos they will treasure at a reasonable cost. One way of doing this is to always do a little more than what I get paid for, go a little further then the minimum needed. It is about giving, this has worked for me as a professional photographer for over thirty years in this business and I know it will work for you! Welcome to my world. Thank you for visiting my web site. I look forward to hearing from you.